Lock & Load Melbourne Job Application Form

Please download the ZIP file below and fill out the Lock & Load Application & Tax File Declaration Form.

The Lock & Load OH&S Handbook is for you to read and agree to.

Keep a copy of all filled out forms for your record and email them back to Lock & Load via the “Submit by Email” button at the end of the application form.


To be able to work for Lock & Load Melbourne you need to have a ‘White Card’ (Construction Induction Card). Make sure that you receive a hard copy (credit card style) of your white card as it is not enough to have only a digital copy of your white card with you on Worksites in Victoria. White Cards from other states are all valid in Victoria. To obtain a white card please follow the link: https://inscope.edu.au/courses/whitecard/vic



If you experience any problems, please email jobs@lockandload.com.au for support.